MicroFocus Vertica - Collection of User Testimonials

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Vertica allowed us to maintain a relatively simple and flattened database model. It has greatly simplified all development/new products deployment and making it easier to maintain data integrity between parallel datasets.

Dan Edelstein, VP, Data Systems and Architecture, DoubleVerify

We were able to handle huge increments in traffic and fraud analysis demands. All attributed to the amazing performance and compression we got from Vertica.

Yehuda Borochov, Data Team Leader, DoubleVerify

With its full SQL support, market leading features, and simplicity of integration, HPE Vertica provides us and our clients the power to do analytics at Big Data scale on raw data, but with the response time of a traditional highly optimized OLAP system, and ease of use of a true RDBMS.

James Prior, Senior IT Architect, Games Analytics

With HPE Vertica, we were able to reduce the time for creating dashboards with data to our clients.

Eldad Stainbook, IT Director, Datorama

My client is impressed by its query performance and the compression technique. It helped them to do the near to real time analysis of their data.

Muralidharan Govindaraj, IT Manager, Abiba Systems

Our customers are always sure that they are able to collect all data and to analyze it quickly.

Vladimir Baranov, CEO, EasyData

We use Vertica to collect valuable user behavior data. This significantly decreased the time we spent on our product.

Marco Spinetti, CEO, Integra Group

We could rebuild the data of 3.5 billion, plus rows with 300+ columns within 10 to 12 hours. This enabled us to deliver the data on time.

Prathab Rajendran, IT Architect, CoreLogic

HPE Vertica has created an environment that enabled us to give detailed analytics to our customers.

IT Architect, Small Business Media & Entertainment Company

For our particular needs, use cases and requirements, HPE Vertica far excels in terms of performance, scalability and availability over other relational analytics databases that we tried out. We use if for a number of different R&D type efforts and therefore it is very flexible in terms of type of data that can be ingested and analytics functions we can perform against those data sets.

Senior IT Architect, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

With Vertica we were able to speed up queries so user adoption with BI tool was much greater. It is a great place to mix flex NoSQL data and general data warehouse.

Senior IT Architect, Large Enterprise Insurance Company

A couple of years ago, Snagajob’s Data Volume, Velocity and Variety hit a point that couldn’t be handled with a traditional database/data warehousing technology. We had transitioned into the BigData space. Vertica and its horizontal scalability model enabled us to provide the same or even better service to our end users while Data Volume, Velocity, and Variety are constantly growing to keep up business requirement.

Robert Fehrmann, IT Architect, SnagAJob.com, Inc.

With HPE Vertica, we were able to make lean jumps to a new level of DWH usage. Now it’s usable for our clients and inner customers.

Ivan Kovalenko, IT Architect, JSC ATS

HPE Vertica has allowed us to triple our ad effectiveness analytics volume over 2 years.

IT Architect, Small Business Professional Services Company

HPE Vertica is super fast, saving lots of time. And hence, TIME IS MONEY.

Storage Administrator, Large Enterprise Computer Services Company

Analyzing video game success from all angles is key to our business. Vertica allows us to achieve that with record speed!

IT Architect, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

With HPE Vertica, we are able to provide our users flexible and faster service over a huge reference dataset.

IT Professional, Large Enterprise Financial Services Company

Using HPE Vertica, we are able to process all interactions with customers and we’re able to achieve 360-degree views, which helped us to execute a personalized campaign.

IT Project Manager, Large Enterprise Banking Company

Our organization deals with a predictive analysis in the health domain. We use Tableau as our BI tool. The connectivity of Tableau and Vertica is very simple and the retrieval of data is very fast.

IT Administrator, Small Business Health Care Company

With HPE Vertica, we have created a competitive advantage for our sales teams by providing immediate insights in game performance and players behavior that was not available in our previous environment.

IT Manager, Small Business Hospitality Company

Users were looking for analytical data for reporting. By using HPE Vertica, we are able to deliver huge volumes of transaction data as per the SLA.

Engineer, Large Enterprise Retail Company

With HPE Vertica, we are able to reduce the response time significantly. We continue to see an increase in usage by our clients.

Server Administrator, Medium Enterprise Health Care Company

With HPE Vertica being our primary data warehouse solution, it is treated as an ocean where data falls from different sources. When we start stitching these data sets together, value appears from within.

Engineer, Medium Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

With HPE Vertica, we are able to analyze and summarize massive amounts of data by meeting milliseconds of response time through relevant user behavior data that helped us fine tune the user experience in our airline / hospitality products.

Engineer, Large Enterprise Transportation Services Company

HPE Vertica is better than our prior shared MySQL.

IT Director, Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company

HPE Vertica has improved our customers’ satisfaction and they can get their report in one day.

Engineer, Global 500 Computer Services Company

Our clients were asking for information that we were not able to provide. We attempted to build a usable product on Infobright where we received inconsistent results. Deploying Vertica has provided the ability to load and analyze all the data we needed accurately. We can now provide insight for our clients at speeds never before seen.

Eva Donaldson, IT Architect, Icontact Corporation

There is a great improvement over running analytic statements not on an OLTP database but on a database just build to do that.

IT Professional, Large Enterprise Computer Services Company

Vertica has enabled us to answer questions that were once not possible to answer with some of our legacy RDBMS platforms. Vertica also increased the efficiency with which our end users can now browse data and gain valuable insights.

IT Director, S&P 500 Computer Software Company

HPE Vertica has given us the ability to centralize data for reporting purposes.

IT Manager, Foundation

We’ve done POC with Amazon Redshift and Oracle’s In-Memory DB but both of them are expensive for our kind of requirement. Our DB is busy round the clock as expected because we record panelists usage via smartphones, web and TV. The majority of times, the tables would be getting loaded while the reports are generated.

Harman Support, DBA-Engineer, Symphony Advanced Media

Using Vertica, we were able to increase on a large scale the speed of Data Warehouses queries.

System Administrator, Medium Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company

HPE Vertica allows our company to centralize all structured data in a single platform with lower total cost of ownership and built-in high availability.

System Administrator, Foundation

Vertica cuts development time for visualization apps by eliminating the complexity of high availability MySQL or NoSQL solutions. We get all the speed and power we need with the familiarity of a full-featured SQL implementation and industry-standard APIs.

IT Architect, Small Business Real Estate Company

HPE Vertica lowered administration and development effort and increased the effectiveness of analysis.

IT Director, Medium Enterprise Health Care Company

HPE Vertica allows us to provide low-latency data exploration through our BI tool to our end-users because of its high-performance query capabilities.

Senior IT Architect, Medium Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company

With HPE Vertica, we consolidated several databases and several database functions. It allows us to create a single source of data for many divergent company activities.

Senior Executive, Small Business Consumer Services Company

Using Vertica has enabled us to not only monitor our cloud infrastructure, but to also offer monitoring as a service (MaaS) to our cloud customers.

Engineer, Large Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

With HPE Vertica, we are able to efficiently store a vast amount of batch processing data and query the data for reporting needs.

Engineer, Large Enterprise Telecommunications Services Company

Using HPE Vertica, we were able to lower the cost and improve data management and analytical performances.

IT Administrator, Global 500 Banking Company

Our analytics team are able to produce valuable statistics and data marts to our customers in less than 1/10 the time because of the speed and responsiveness of Vertica. The ease and speed of interacting with Terrabytes of data has greatly facilitated our ability to provide our services.

IT Architect, S&P 500 Computer Software Company

Our clients are looking for responsive ad-hoc analytics no matter how big their data is. Vertica enables us to scale up to terabytes of data.

IT Architect, Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company

With HPE Vertica, we have helped our customers to implement multi-node Vertica solutions to bring several applications data and improve the data access and visualization performance.

CEO, Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company

With HPE Vertica, the query performance of the data warehouse processes has increased a lot. There are several requirements in the company that focused on analytics process that will be using HPE Vertica as part of a new infrastructure.

IT Specialist, Large Enterprise Computer Services Company

Vertica is able to process and analyze huge amounts of data which was previously not possible with MySQL.

IT Professional, Large Enterprise Retail Company

Vertica has allowed us to scale up where a postgreSQL warehouse had reached a physical limit. Our queries are able run 50-100x faster.

IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

With HPE Vertica, our analysts’ workflows have completely changed. Instead of submitting a query and getting the results in hours, the results now are coming in seconds. This totally changes our interaction with our clients.

IT Architect, S&P 500 Computer Software Company

We are a startup company that is highly flexible in our product offering. Vertica affords us this flexibility with its ease of installation, maintenance, and configuration while sustaining good performance within our expectations. We often refer to Vertica as “alien” technology in that it does amazing things as long as we follow the instructions handed down to us by smarter people.

Engineer, Small Business Computer Software Company

HPE Vertica allowed us to do large scale analysis on our users which allowed us to find toxic behavior, game trends, and sales correlation we couldn’t do with other solutions.

Engineer, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

HPE Vertica helps us to find the story behind data and to find more insight.

Anil Maharjan, BI Engineer, Ncell

We were able to constantly expand our data warehouse as fast as our business grew.

Nikolay Golov, IT Architect, Avito

HPE Vertica offers blazingly fast performance and we have achieved almost 80% in savings since using it.

IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Telecommunications Services Company

Vertica allows us to cut query times to one tenth of our previous solution and it is easier to implement redundancy while maintaining SQL compatibility. Management is also much more simple.

Chief Information Officer, Small Business Health Care Company

In the world of analytics, user requirement evolves at a rapid pace. Our users want to gain insights to a very large volume of data very quickly; they are excited and want more. Vertica allows me to bring server data to the dashboard with a response time which exceeds that of SLA because the “time to market” for new and varied data into dashboard ready form is very low.

IT Architect, Global 500 Telecommunications Services Company

With Vertica, we are able to provide insights into Big Data in a predominantly ad-hoc environment at the speed that other systems could only dream of.

Ben White, Architect, TK Consulting

With HPE Vertica, we are able to keep as much data as we like and we are able to query it quickly and easily without having to tear our hair out.

System Administrator, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

Our organization uses Vertica instead of IBM for a number of specific situations. Vertica is cheaper, faster, and quite simply better.

IT Director, Global 500 Consumer Products Company

We implemented Vertica at a time when the company’s asset loss models were less than predictive due to an inability to adjust models using data from multiple economic cycles. The root of the problem was the required scale of the data, the cost to retain it on traditional data warehousing solutions, and the required time for queries to execute on that volume of data in traditional data warehouses. With Vertica, we were able to expand our data inputs to include all historical data, and we now retain that data indefinitely and query across it continuously to improve the usefulness of our models. And our queries run incredibly fast on tables regardless of size. Our largest tables exceed 100 Terabytes (compressed) and 1 trillion rows.

IT Senior Vice President, Global 500 Banking Company

Vertica has reduced report delivery load for my team. We can spend more time on data quality improvement.

Chamaiporn Suthamwong, Information Analysis Systems Division Head, Gosoft Thailand

With HPE Vertica, we are able to run analytics on a significant number of rows and get results within seconds. Only through Vertica can users get sophisticated data in real time.

Engineer, Small Business Computer Software Company

Using HPE Vertica improved our query times by at least 100%.

Engineer, Large Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

With HPE Vertica, we have been able to collect valuable insights through relevant product data, helping us fine tune the user experience in our ad technology product. This significantly reduces the time it takes to analyze the datasets and/or make productive and faster decisions with our product. Data Management and operations become relatively simpler when comparing HPE Vertica to many leading database products in the market. Also, Vertica’s existence as a massively parallel processing enabled product in association with its columnar data structures helps us tackle new-age big data challenges.

Rajasekhar Yakkali, Director, Data Architecture, AdMarketplace

My consumers are data scientists within the organization that mine data out of billions of ingested medical data. Using Vertica has increased the productivity of these data scientists significantly, due to the speed at which data can get into the engine and get out of it!

Million Hailu, IT Director, MD Insider

With Vertica, we are able to process a certain amount of data much faster than in any other DB engine. It is very scalable and provides excellent DR abilities.

Jan Soubusta, Database Specialist, GoodData