Collection of Vertica User Quotes and Testimonials - Part 2

Check out what Vertica users have to say about the product.

Millions of records handled per day with Vertica

Vertica allows us to handle millions of records per day – both for loading and processing and also for fast analyzing.

Business Project Manager, Small Business Computer Software Company

We need almost real-time (<few minutes) BI analytics and for large projects, old solution using postgres is too slow. Vertica allows us to compute really large reports in acceptable time.

Engineer, Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company

HPE Vertica helps promote relevant content to our customers

We needed to model our clickstream data in real time, and with HPE Vertica we’re able to do this. This significantly increased our ability to promote the appropriate content to our users.

Senior IT Architect, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

Our MySQL server solution was unable to handle the large amount of data to compile quick and effective reports. We chose Vertica to help speed up these analytics and it has worked greatly in this task.

IT Professional, Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company

We have been able to use the same data in many ways in Vertica without the traditional ramp-up time of building a Data Warehouse system and the related schema loading and maintenance work.

IT Manager, Small Business Computer Services Company

More value from Vertica! 10x more data with 1/20th the cost.

With Vertica, cost of software license of SQL server 2012 is & will be considerably reduced 20 times. We are also able to scale from few 100GB of data size analytics to 1TB data size analytics.

Shomnathprabu Kasthuri, IT Architect, Retail Solutions

Vertica has enabled the company to reduce the space usage while increasing the amount of data processed and lowering the cost of hardware needed.

IT Systems Analyst, Medium Enterprise Telecommunications Services Company

Our primary concerns were the speed of loading data and the speed of querying it once loaded. Loading time has now been reduced from hours to minutes, and even the most resource intensive queries from a day or more to a matter of a couple of hours.

Operations Manager, Small Business Energy & Utilities Company

Vertica allowed us to run complex queries in a matter of minutes that would take hours to run in Oracle.

System Administrator, Small Business Computer Services Company

Vertica provided the most cost effective means we found to scale performance without giving up traditional SQL or DDL.

Engineer, Small Business Automotive & Transport Company

With Vertica, our project execution life cycle has substantially decreased. We are able to manage, load and analyze more than 1TB of data without staffing a DBA.

IT Director, Small Business Health Care Company

HPE Vertica provides us OEM service to embed the high performance database into our product.

Engineer, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

Vertica allowed us to do analytics we simply couldn’t do before.

Engineer, Medium Enterprise Retail Company

With Vertica, we have achieved query performance requirement that any query fired on the database should have response timings of less than 1 Second. And we achieved it.

Engineer, Global 500 Computer Hardware Company

Vertica facilitates presenting modeled data to our analytics partners allowing them to perform drill down, ad-hoc queries in a self-serve manner with lightning fast results and no timeouts, slow downs, or need for indexing. Business insight can be mined as fast as the analyst can think versus the old way of doing things which required constant IT involvement.

IT Director, Large Enterprise Retail Company

Vertica allows us to load millions of events daily in seconds, merging it with billions of existing records in a perfectly optimized fashion. We are also able to reduce runtime on our aggregation and other business intelligence solutions down to seconds from hours.

I cannot imagine how we would function if we were forced to move back to an older transactional database technology.

IT Architect, Small Business Automotive & Transport Company

The same simple SQL our existing tech used, but with the availability and performance of a take-no-prisoners enterprise solution. Vertica does not protest or ask questions; it just does.

IT Architect, Small Business Computer Software Company

Vertica has enabled us to query large amounts of data in an almost real-time manner.

IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Professional Services Company

Vertica makes it easy to integrate with our current tools and provides adequate functionality.

Engineer, Small Business Retail Company

Vertica has pushed our business forward!

The speed at which HPE Vertica can run our analytics queries at, has pushed our business forward by allowing us to create faster user recommendations and thus more time spent on our website.

IT Professional, Medium Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

With Vertica, we were able to collect valuable insights through relevant user behavior data that helped us fine tune the user experience in our gaming product. This significantly increased the time our users spent on our product.

IT Systems Analyst, Small Business Financial Services Company

We have been a Vertica customer since 2008. At that time, it cost us less money to purchase Vertica and develop a new system versus a quoted cost from our software vendor. Good thing, as business requirements changed, we no longer have need for the system we developed, but still have Vertica. Further, due to the great query performance, business analysts saw new opportunities in our data. We developed an add on to an existing system and reaped new benefits. Vertica allowed us to be agile.

IT Architect, Global 500 Telecommunications Services Company

Vertica has improved end to end business transactions. Saves up time and money.

Nexus Support, Engineer, Nexus Technologies, Inc.

We are a small but fast growing company. Previous solution (Microsoft) did not meet our demands. Using Vertica made it possible to fulfill our customers’ needs. Finally we are able to deliver analytics reports quickly.

Engineer, Small Business Computer Software Company

We were looking for a database backend to allow end users (a couple of thousand external users) to crunch through their detailed data in real time. The dataset is several hundred million rows and our avg. response time goal was less than 5 secs. Last but not least we are building this environment for the future, i.e. another requirement was to be able to scale horizontally). Redshift came close in response time but completed failed in concurrency, i.e. multiple users running an analysis at the same time. Infobright came close in response time and concurrency but didn’t provide sufficient scalability. Vertica checked all boxes at a very competitive price-point.

IT Architect, Small Business Professional Services Company

With HPE Vertica, we query many millions of events within seconds, unbound to traditional caching limitations, and by thus provide a very sophisticated analytical product to our clients.

Engineer, Small Business Computer Software Company

HPE Vertica helped us improve query performance and get faster reports. Reduced time in bulk data load.

IT Professional, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company

With Vertica we can now manage big amount of data and do analysis that we were not able to do in the past.

Senior IT Architect, Global 500 Telecommunications Services Company

Our clients are looking for new ways to attract new and reward existing customers. Our HPE Vertica Analytics Platform enables us to fine-tune and personalize offers, and we are providing this service at hyper-speed.

IT Architect, Small Business Computer Services Company

Moving from MySQL to Vertica for our Analytics Database, which is a subset of data we store in our Hadoop-based Data Warehouse for real-time analytics, allowed us to make better use of hardware, drastically improved our query performance, and achieve better availability and scalability. We had reached the limits of MySQL, even with heavy partitioning the indexes were occupying more space than data and we were limited by the performance of a single host machine. Vertica’s “indexless” layout, horizontal scaling, and perfect use of parallel compute resources took us to the next level on our Real-Time Analytics Platform.

Senior IT Architect, Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company

HPE Vertica allowed our data warehouse to reduce hardware and disk capacity while providing decreased load times and significant query performance increases over our prior data warehouse architecture.

IT Specialist, Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company

We were able to reduce report run time and query time significantly, reduce infrastructure cost, and simplify data management using Vertica. These reductions have allowed us to remain lean and efficient in our IT department and to provide greater value to our customer.

Scott Hannon, Chief Information Officer, RealTime Medicare Data

Vertica is powerful, easy and stable solution.

IT Project Manager, Medium Enterprise Telecommunications Services Company

Our previous solution would fail often resulting in multiple days of downtime to recover. Vertica has been fast, stable and highly available. When we have had a problem we have been able to recover quickly.

IT Vice President, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

I have been able to query data faster and store larger amounts of data using Vertica instead of MySQL.

Financial Analyst, Medium Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

We’re a small company with big data. Vertica is a good solution at reasonable cost for high performance reporting.

IT Architect, Small Business Computer Services Company

With Vertica we are able to execute complex business logic in the database, thus avoiding slow data transfers between the database and the application tier. In effect we are using Vertica as a data centric calculation engine.

IT Architect, Global 500 Banking Company

We need to process enormous amount of data and Vertica looks like the best platform for our tasks.

Server Administrator, Global 500 Professional Services Company

We churn a huge amount of data at my work, we need the ability to query it in as close to real time as possible. Vertica has been an ideal tool for it, I am an enormous fan of the product.

System Administrator, Small Business Media & Entertainment Company

We need to quickly access logs from disparate security devices, usually across multiple customers. These are accessed via a real-time portal, so response time is critical. Vertica has been able to achieve these goals, where previously a real-time portal was not viable in production.

Security Manager, Small Business Computer Software Company

With Vertica especially with read-only data we gained over 1000% performance improvement with significantly less capital cost/investment. We are able to run 100s of reports where before, we were able to run only 2 reports. This made us gain a lot of customers with very little maintenance from the admins.

System Administrator, Medium Enterprise Health Care Company

HPE Vertica is replacing our Siebel Analytics tool. It is easy to develop as well as maintain.

Database Administrator, Global 500 Telecommunications Services Company

Our Merchants’ reports are now powered by Vertica which increases their satisfaction because they are able to access their information much more quickly and have many different ways of visualizing that data. We also constantly mine our data internally to provide business insights and patterns to both existing and prospective Merchants.

Jason Kirk, Vice President,

Queries that we ran, complete faster; queries that we could not run became possible with Vertica.

IT Specialist, Medium Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

Customers of my company EasyData – the Telecommunication operators and financial institutions. Their main requirement is:
- to get all the data “just in time”,
- to have no limit on the amount of data and storage time, and
- to pay a reasonable price for their data support,
- to be confident in the reliability and performance of storage systems.

All this is possible with Vertica!

Alexsey Konstantinov, Chief Data Architect , EasyData

Using Vertica created a force-multiplier for our BI and DBA teams. We can focus on delivery of features instead of tuning and scaling the database.

IT Vice President, Large Enterprise Insurance Company