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Globally Standardized Labeling

A Fortune 500 chemicals company was able to achieve high volume global printing to a wide range of printer makes and models thanks to standardized labeling processes using Loftware Spectrum.

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Easy Integration

An IT Director at a Fortune 500 chemicals company would be very likely to recommend Loftware for this reason:

Loftware provides excellent technology that’s been easy to integrate with our ERP system.

Loftware Spectrum Customer Fact

Scale Labeling with Loftware Spectrum

A Fortune 500 energy & utilities company was able to support expansion in new locations and markets after integrating their Loftware Spectrum labeling with their enterprise applications.

Loftware Customer Testimonial

Friendly, helpful tech support, Licensing/upgrading was extremely helpful. They were very patient and understanding of my situation and extended a high level of support.

William Linebaugh, Engineer, Frostbite Brands - Dean Foods

Loftware Customer Fact

Eaton Corporation recognized savings from correcting mislabeling, reducing labeling delays and downtime, avoiding costly maintenance, and meeting regulatory compliance with Loftware.

Loftware Customer Satisfaction Rating

Andreia da Cruz Tominaga, an IT Specialist at Eaton Corporation, would be very likely to recommend Loftware for this reason:

Loftware is a robust application for barcode solution and meets our requirements.

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4.5/5 Stars

How our organization uses Loftware:

We use Loftware as a label creation program linked to a database I created and also as an enterprise supported printing solution for our WMS system.

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Loftware Customer Satisfaction Rating

Andreia da Cruz Tominaga, an IT Specialist at Eaton Corporation, would be very likely to recommend Loftware for this reason:

Loftware successfully fulfills the business requirement and provides a user-friendly application.

Loftware Customer Fact

Saving on Labor and Maintenance

By integrating Loftware with existing business applications, PPG Industries has saved over $1M annually in labor and maintenance costs.

Loftware Customer Fact

Eastman Kodak Company saved over $1M annually by avoiding labeling delays and downtime using Loftware solutions.

Loftware Customer Fact

Eliminate Manual Labeling Efforts

PPG Industries is able to eliminate manual labeling efforts, make label changes quickly, remove the risks of maintaining label data outside of my enterprise applications, and increase visibility over the entire labeling process by integrating Loftware labeling with Oracle.

Loftware Customer Fact

Stay Compliant with Loftware

PPG Industries avoided supply chain disruptions or stoppages and reduced the risk of costly fines using Loftware for compliance.

Loftware Customer Satisfaction Rating

Highly Trained Professionals

An IT Project Manager at a Fortune 500 chemicals company:

Loftware is very versatile and powerful, with a lot of good technical support.

Loftware Customer Testimonial

PPG Integrates With Oracle

Loftware provides ease of integration with various ERP systems including Oracle.

Shan Shao, IT Manager, PPG Industries

Loftware Customer Fact

Short Payback Period…

Dana Holding Corporation took <6 months to recoup their investment in Loftware.

Loftware Customer Testimonial

From Dana Holding…

Since our company went with SAP, Loftware has made it easier to maintain consistent labeling.

Frank Cantrell, System Administrator, Dana Holding Corporation

Loftware Customer Testimonial

Limit Label Templates with Loftware

Loftware offers significantly faster deployment of new labels and label changes. The solution also helps eliminate the need to develop multiple label formats.

Mike Kolakowski, IT Specialist, Parker Hannifin Corporation

Loftware Case Study

PPG Standardizes on Loftware and Reduces Labeling Downtime by Nearly 100%


This case study of PPG Industries is based on an April 2017 survey of Loftware customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Loftware is a reliable partner, providing leading edge labeling solutions along with outstanding services and support.”


PPG was faced with a range of issues including meeting complex customer labeling requirements and complying with evolving regulations. However, they were faced with maintaining multiple labeling solutions. Using disparate solutions, which included manual labeling functions and countless permutations of label templates made meeting these increasing demands difficult and resulted in costly labeling downtime.

Use Case

PPG was able to standardize and automate their labeling with Loftware to streamline manufacturing, warehouse management and shipping, while also improving traceability across the supply chain. Additionally, they were able to simplify their label design and empower business users to update labels eliminating the need for costly and scare IT resources.


PPG was able to realize a return on their Loftware investment in less than two years by achieving the following results. First, they were able to reduce downtime by nearly 100% and scale their labeling to meet their business growth. They also were able to reduce costs associated with managing and maintaining multiple label systems.

After standardizing on Loftware and integrating their solution with existing enterprise applications, PPG was able to eliminate manual labeling efforts and was better equipped to address evolving customer demands and make label changes quickly. This enabled them to improve handling of requirements such as content, barcodes, images/branding, formatting and languages and improve relationships with customers.

The Loftware solution allowed PPG to improve label accuracy and reduce costly errors, as well as reduce the number of label templates by over 80%. They also were able to stay compliant with regulations, which helped to avoid supply chain disruptions or stoppages.

Loftware Customer Fact

Increase Visibility Over Labeling with SAP

By integrating our labeling with SAP, we were able to increase visibility over the entire labeling process.

Loftware Customer Testimonial

Saving Money with Loftware

We have a big warehouse and after implementing Loftware we were able to save a huge amount of money. Now we are using Loftware extensively.

IT Project Manager, Fortune 500 Professional Services Company