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We partner with select PR agencies, marketing consultancies, and technology providers.

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Why PR agencies and marketing consultancies partner with TechValidate:

Customer Metrics for
Integrated Campaigns


TechValidate delivers quantified metrics that complement traditional PR, social media, and lead generation, allowing agencies to deliver truly integrated marketing campaigns.

Easily Identify
Customer Advocates

Identify Customer Advocates

TechValidate automatically identifies volunteers for referencing activities - customer videos, speaking engagements, interviews, blog posts, etc.

Create a Steady
Stream of Content


TechValidate provides agencies with a steady stream of content to support content marketing and social media campaigns.

Selected Agency/Consulting Partners:

Why technology providers partner with TechValidate:

To Make Their Solutions
More Powerful

More Powerful

With TechValidate, your customers get access to a steady stream of fresh, effective content, making your platform more useful.

To Open Up New
Revenue Streams

More Revenue

We proactively work with our technology partners to identify targets for referrals, cross-selling, and co-selling.

To Make Their Offerings


Once TechValidate content is integrated within our partners' systems, it becomes used across the organization, raising renewal rates for us and our partners.

Selected Technology Partners:

SalesforceRo Innovation

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