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10 Ways Clients Use TechValidate

B2B marketers must continually produce fresh and relevant content to compel prospects to take the next step. By using TechValidate in their marketing initiatives throughout the year, our clients create a drumbeat of social proof across all their marketing and sales communications.

Here are some specific use cases:

Ratification of Core Value Propositions

Using TechValidate, our clients gather essential customer proof points from a broad swath of their customer base. The resulting proof provides 3rd party validation of their key value propositions. This type of outreach produces powerful statistics, charts and case studies for their marketing programs.




Customer Assets for a Product Launch

It's inherently difficult to generate proof about customer success for product launches. TechValidate clients, like HP and VMware, have been able to get around this obstacle by surveying early adopters or beta users in order to have verified customer proof points in hand at the time of launch. This blog post profiles how HP created hundreds of customer content assets for 8 simultaneous product launches.


HP Chart

HP Case Study

Content for Vertical or Solution Marketing

Many marketing organizations have vertical or solution marketing initiatives, but struggle to create enough content that aligns with those themes. TechValidate clients author vertical or solution themed outreach that produces proof points tailored to solution or vertical marketing messages.

TechValidate's cross-tabbing capabilities allow marketers to create hyper-targeted content. Read more about this capability here.


Box tf

Splunk TF

Case Study Generator

TechValidate can generate lots of case studies in less than 45 days. Frequently, clients will craft a TechValidate outreach whose sole purpose is to generate case studies. Clients like Splunk, Box and Dell SecureWorks have created dozens, sometimes hundreds, of short format case studies from a single outreach.


Dell Case Study

IBM case study

Testimonial Collector

Authentic customer testimonials can be extremely useful assets in the marketing and sales funnel. Using TechValidate, clients -- like VMware -- can quickly collect a lot of powerful quotes and sprinkle them throughout their marketing and sales communications.


VMware Testimonial

VMware Testimonial

Proof of Financial or Operational Impact

It can be difficult to quantify real-world financial and operational metrics for a product or service. Clients use TechValidate to create quantified, statistical proof of ROI, TCO, and efficiency savings based on their real-world customer experiences.


Box cost savings chart

HP cost reduction chart

Thought Leadership Content

Clients use TechValidate to collect industry trends and technology adoption data from their customers. This type of content provides tangible evidence of market direction and adds credence to thought leadership content produced by the marketing department.

For example, Appirio, published strong evidence on the state of the cloud that was used at Dreamforce, in their blog, and in their thought-leadership communications.



Showcasing Customer Wins

Many clients want to create a steady stream of content on customer wins throughout the year. Clients will create a new wins survey template that they will send to their new customers on a quarterly or monthly basis. These outreaches gather valuable evidence on why they purchased, who they won against, and how they are differentiated. Using TechValidate, clients aggregate the results over time and create a flow of fresh content that feeds all facets of their marketing activities.

Blog post: How NetEx uses TechValidate to demonstrate new customer wins


Netex TF

Dell Case Study

Sales Enablement

Sales teams need specific examples of customer success that don't always match what marketing has produced, nor can marketing produce everything that sales asks for.

Using TechValidate, clients amass a comprehensive, self-service database of customer-sourced content, including charts, statistics, testimonials and case studies that spans all possible usage models and industries. Their sales team can then search this arsenal of content and filter it by industry and use case to find exactly what they need for their specific sales situation. With TechValidate's Salesforce integration, sales team can access these content assets directly from their CRM. Read more about our Salesforce.com integration here.

Salesforce Integration:


Channel Partner/MSP Sales Enablement

Channel or partner focused organizations need content to feed partner recruitment and partner marketing efforts. Instead of surveying end users, they use TechValidate to capture success stories and proof points from their partners. These proof points can range from overall satisfaction measures to statements on the support and training that is provided, along with evidence on how it delivers value to the end user.

TechValidate clients, such as StorageCraft and Kaseya, have successfully used TechValidate to produce content based on their channel or MSP partners' experiences.


storagecraft chart

kaseya chart

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