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The HP Vertica Analytics Platform supports many user-defined capabilities: functions, transforms, aggregates, and loading. This support brings the power and flexibility of procedural code to data—whether it’s structured, semi-structured, or unstructured—
leveraging a parallel computing environment. The customer can load and transform data from a variety of sources, perform rich statistical analytics, and visualize the results using industry-standard tools. With HP Vertica Platform, one can expect real-time results for better business decisions.

Selected Research

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Case Study: Medium Enterprise Telecommunications Services Company
HP Vertica Software provides detailed data analysis
HP Vertica customers use a wide range  of BI, visualization and ETL tools
HP Vertica improves query performance by more than 1000% for an educational institution
Case Study: Large Enterprise Insurance Company
From TB to PB - the range of data managed by Vertica customers

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