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Increased Capacity for QA

“We have increased our capacity for development and QA with Drobo.”

Senior IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company

Reduce backup time by 25%

“[Drobo] reduced backup time by 25%. [It is] easy to use. Set it and forget it.”

Bill Olmesdahl, IT Manager, Stelter Co. Inc.

Dual-Disk Redundancy Safely Consolidates Your Storage

“We have dual-disk redundancy with Drobo now. In the past, our data was stored on individual drives across multiple machines.”

Engineer, S&P 500 Electronics Company

No data loss from failed drives, and easy drive replacement

“We have zero loss from failed drives; Drobo’s easy hot-swap makes replacing failed drives something anybody can do.”

Network Administrator, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

Easy to Implement on a Daily Basis

“We have confidence and ease of mind that our data is safe. With its simple and efficient management, it’s just easy to use and easy to implement on a daily basis. We love Drobo.”

IT Professional, Small Business Computer Services Company

Increased Data Retention

“We have increased video and backup retention with Drobo. "

System Administrator, State & Local Government

Fast expansion time vs. other systems

“The time to expand Drobo is very low compared to other systems.”

IT Specialist, Non Profit

Robust solution to comply to clients' demands

“Drobo is the robust back-up solution for our data needs. Scalable and resilient, it has allowed us to comply with clients’ demands for safe data.”

Project Manager, Small Business Media & Entertainment Company

Low OS and Management Overhead

“Drobo allows us to have low OS and management overhead; we are able to have lots of affordable storage in an inexpensive Mac-Mini.”

Chief Information Officer, Small Business Media & Entertainment Company

Online Access to File Collection

“[Drobo grants us] online access to a vast and expanding collection of sound files.”

Edmund Eagan, Audio Producer, Twelfth Root

Sync Your Drobos Worldwide

“We like the ability to sync our Drobo to another Drobo worldwide”

Business Professional, Small Business Electronics Company

Works with Little to No Intervention

“We like Drobo’s ease of use. It simply works – with little or no intervention.”

Learning & Technology Media Services, IT Manager, University College London

Reduced Storage Footprint

“We reduced our server + storage footprint from rack system with RAID to desktop and Drobo only. "

IT Manager, Small Business Media & Entertainment Company

Reliable Backup with Expanded Options

“Drobo gives us reliable backup with expanded storage options.”

Senior IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Professional Services Company

Many benefits from one machine

“Drobo provides us with:

  • Speed of backup
  • Reliablility
  • Mix and match drives
  • Beyond raid capability"
Kawa Rahimi, IT Manager, Anesco Limited

Reliable Backup over a Network

“With Drobo, we now have reliable backup and are able to share large amounts of data over a network”

IT Professional, Small Business Media & Entertainment Company

Reduce Restore Time from Days to Minutes

“Local Drobo storage reduces data restore time from days to minutes.”

Engineer, Global 500 Aerospace & Defense Company

Easy to deploy and expand

“Drobo made it easy to deploy new storage quickly. It is even quicker to expand!”

IT Manager, Small Business Telecommunications Services Company

Stable, centralized video archive

“Drobo is a stable, centralized video editing archive shared by multiple of our editors.”

IT Manager, Educational Institution

Real-time data access

“Automated backup/replication from DVD to live access. Which means not having to comb through thousands of DVDs to just browsing a directory for the needed recording.”

IT Specialist, State & Local Government

Improved Security without Sacrificing Speed

“Drobo improved the security and accessibility of data without sacrificing the speed of setup and ease of maintenance.”

Chief Technology Officer, Small Business Media & Entertainment Company

Expand Network Storage by TBs

“[We] easily expanded our network storage capacity by 6TB [with Drobo].”

Martin Huijgen, Network Administrator, Beco

Peace of Mind for Storage

“Drobo gives us peace of mind of storage of archival projects, and quick access to past projects.”

Dan Powers, Owner, Dan Powers Sound+Vision

Hot Swap Saves Time and Data

“Hot swap with Drobo has saved us many hours of lost data recovery.”

IT Manager, Educational Institution

Capacity enough for Veeam backup

“Drobo provides enough large capacity for long VEEAM backup rotations.”

Network Administrator, Small Business Energy & Utilities Company

Significant Reduction in Downtime

“[We] reduced down time exponentially (our previous NAS required 7 RMA’s and 13 support calls in its 4 year life span). The only downtime with Drobo was a setup issue on our first one.”

Matt Hornsby, IT Manager, Fotoprint

Flexible storage changes as needs change

“[We] gained flexible storage [with Drobo] which can fill our immediate need for additional space on one server, and be used in other ways as our needs change.”

William Hopper, Network Administrator, Southern College of Optometry

Allowed for migration to Hyper-V VM environment

“Allowed me to move our fileserver into a Hyper-V VM environment running on the Drobo; greatly expanding our usable storage space.”

Network Administrator, Educational Institution

Mix and Match HDDs to Easily Increase Storage

“We love the possibility of easily mixing and matching HDD’s and increasing our storage if necessary.”

Business Professional, Small Business Media & Entertainment Company

Easy to Set Up and Manage

“Drobo is easy to setup and easy to manage.”

IT Professional, Educational Institution

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