Our Product

Our software captures the voice of your customers and effortlessly transforms it into compelling content.

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The Problems We Solve

Our software helps companies solve
these common problems:
  • We need content that accelerates sales
  • We need more customer proof
  • We need more content
  • We need more effective content

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Video Tour

Watch a 3-minute video to see how our software
works and how our clients use it:

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How TechValidate Works

how it works

1) Collect

Our app collects data directly
from your customers via web-based questionnaires.

2) Validate

TechValidate confirms the identities of participants while protecting their privacy.

3) Publish

Instantly publish the data you select as content assets verified by TechValidate.

4) Utilize

We provide easy tools to leverage your TechValidate content in your marketing and sales efforts.

The Content We Create

TechValidate clients get an unlimited amount of powerful voice-of-the-customer content:

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How Companies Use TechValidate

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