HP ArcSight Logger - Customer Experience Stats & Charts

Check out why customers chose HP ArcSight Logger over other vendors and how they are benefiting from the tool

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HP ArcSight Logger helps address a range of pain points
65% of customers reduced time to collect, store & analyze logs by at least 25% or more
More data handled
HP ArcSight Logger Customer Statistic - Accelerated identiication of security/IT incidents
Benefits of using HP ArcSight Logger -  Improvements across the board
HP ArcSight Logger Customer Statistic -ROI in less than a year
Reasons to choose HP ArcSight Logger over other vendors
HP ArcSight Logger is the winning solution among several competitive offerings
HP ArcSight Logger supports a wide range of use cases
HP ArcSight Logger Customer Statistic - More data handled at one time
HP ArcSight Enables Medium Size Businesses to Respond to Data Breaches Quickly
HP ArcSight Enables Small Businesses with Quick Forensic Investigation Tools
Fortune 500 Comapnies Use HP ArcSight Logger for Ultra-Fast Searching of Logs
HP ArcSight collects logs from multiple sources for Fortune 500 companies
50% of surveyed IT organizations chose HP ArcSight over Splunk
Accelerated identification of security/IT incidents
Chief Security Officer handles >1,000% more data through HP ArcSight
Dealing with more data at no additional cost
Reduction in time to collect, store & analyze logs
Reduction in time to analyze logs
CEO of a computer hardware company uses HP ArcSight to monitor compliance controls
HP ArcSight is preferred by a Fortune 500 Computer Hardware Company Over IBM
HP ArcSight Reduces Time To Collect, Store, and Analyze Data from Multiple Sources
A Fortune 500 Banking Company Chooses HP ArcSight over Splunk and IBM
Collect, Store, and Analyze Logs & Events from Multiple Sources
HP ArcSight Logger accelerates (by >1000%) identification of incidents
Federal Government responds to data breach using HP ArcSight
Chief Security Officer recognizes HP ArcSight for identifying incidents up to 500% faster
Federal Government  collect, store, and analyze logs through HP ArcSight Logger
HP ArcSight solves
HP ArcSight Logger delivers return on investment (ROI) in as short as 3 months
Identify incidents up to 1000% through HP ArcSight
Enterprise IT companies choose HP ArcSight over Splunk, IBM, and McAfee

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