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HDS, BMC, & HP: In their own words

By Heather Turley

You’re probably tired of hearing us talk about ourselves. We know how you feel. As it turns out, our customers do a much better job explaining how they use TechValidate.

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Tell Me a Story! (Get Your Prospects to Remember You)

By Evan Huck

Everyone loves a good story. In fact, it’s been said that 87% of people remember stories from a presentation, but only 43% remember statistics.

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Content Marketing under a Regulatory Microscope: Life Sciences and Healthcare

By Tim Hill

Getting the right message and content in front of the right audience can be hard for everyone in marketing. For b2b marketing professionals in the Life Sciences and Healthcare (e.g. healthcare, biotech, and medical device) space, crafting that message to also comply with strict regulations and guidelines adds an exceedingly difficult layer of complexity. So how do healthcare marketers get the most effective message across to their audience while also remaining in compliance?

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What the heck is thought leadership?

By Tim Hill

Thought leadership has become a corporate buzzword. Everyone wants to be a thought leader, or has heard their boss say that it’s important to move their marketing in this direction. But what exactly is thought leadership? And why are we hearing about it so often?

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PR Teams+TechValidate: The Sequel

By Heather Turley

PR folks still love TechValidate, and our relationship with them has strengthened over the years. Why? PR now encompasses a whole new realm of social and digital storytelling. PR professionals must always be one step ahead of the story, by helping their clients keep in front of breaking news, create robust stories supported by primary research, and generate relevant visual content.

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[Infographic] 8 Ways to Get B2B Demand Gen Back on Track

By Lauren Locke-Paddon

TechValidate and Spear Marketing Group recently teamed up to survey marketers nationwide on the technologies, tactics, and content they use to support their demand generation efforts. Using the top findings from their survey, Spear Marketing Group highlights top findings in this infographic.

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What Drives Demand Generation ROI?

By Alana Becker

Spear Marketing Group and TechValidate recently worked together to use the TechValidate Market Research platform to understand more about the content, tactics, and technologies that are most valuable for today’s B2B marketers. More than 200 marketing VPs, directors and managers responded to the survey, and weighed in on crucial factors in driving demand generation ROI today.

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Product Update: Filter Survey Responses With Custom Data

By Jonathon Wolfe

What if you want to filter your survey results — or analyze customer satisfaction data — for segments of your customer base that are totally unique to your business? Now, with Custom Data, you can.

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How 3 companies create localized customer proof with TechValidate

By Heather Turley

Image courtesy of Flickr User Börkur Sigurbjörnsson According to recent figures from Internet World Stats, English remains the single, most widely used language online, but it still only accounts for around…

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HR: Content is Key to Maintaining a Competitive Edge

By Heather Turley

HR professionals cite recruitment as the primary challenge of their role, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. To maintain a competitive edge, HR professionals must go above and…

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