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Product Update: Filter Survey Responses With Custom Data

By Jonathon Wolfe

What if you want to filter your survey results — or analyze customer satisfaction data — for segments of your customer base that are totally unique to your business? Now, with Custom Data, you can.

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How 3 companies create localized customer proof with TechValidate

By Heather Turley

Image courtesy of Flickr User Börkur Sigurbjörnsson According to recent figures from Internet World Stats, English remains the single, most widely used language online, but it still only accounts for around…

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HR: Content is Key to Maintaining a Competitive Edge

By Heather Turley

HR professionals cite recruitment as the primary challenge of their role, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. To maintain a competitive edge, HR professionals must go above and…

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Building Credibility within Data Systems and Cloud Industries through Thought Leadership

By Heather Turley

There is a ton of buzz around thought leadership, but how can you power it to drive business value for your organization?

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We’re Joining SurveyMonkey!

By Steve Norall

We have some exciting news to share with the entire TechValidate community: We have just merged with SurveyMonkey and our entire business and team are now part of their global family!

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What is NPS?

By Tim Hill

The Net Promoter Score or NPS® is a customer loyalty and satisfaction measure that divides your customers into three distinct categories: promoters, passives and, detractors. The metric was developed in 2003 as a mechanism to track customer loyalty and its usage has been correlated to revenue growth.

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Client Showcase: Mirantis, eVestment, and MapR

By Tim Hill

Gathering customer evidence and publishing content assets is just the beginning for TechValidate clients. The next step – and the more exciting one – is to leverage that customer-sourced content across marketing initiatives. One effective strategy is to cite the research as you would other third party evidence.

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intacct pr

Client Showcase: Intacct, aPriori, and Experian

By Ed Yin

Recently, we’ve seen an increase in customers citing TechValidate content as third-party verified research in press releases. Whether you’re focusing on publicizing TechValidate findings or using assets that support a specific initiative, it’s easy to take TechValidate content and cite it as you would any other third party research firm for added credibility. Take a look at how Intacct, aPriori, and Experian used TechValidate to fuel recent PR activities.

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Client Showcase: Basho Technologies, Stibo Systems, Extension Healthcare

By Alexri Patel

There are a myriad ways that our customers creatively make their TechValidate survey results shine. Whether they keep TechValidate content in our formatting, re-imagine it with their own colors/branding, or simply…

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this one

Congratulations! You’re Rebranding your Company or Product

By Alana Becker

Re-branding: it’s an exciting opportunity to hit “refresh” on marketing messaging and initiatives. Everyone who has been through this process also knows that a corporate re-branding poses a few serious…

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