About the Company

TechValidate is a fast-growing enterprise software company. We invented a new category of marketing software, and we're having fun along the way.

Company Overview

Pioneering Marketing Content Automation

Founded in 2007 and based in Emeryville, California, TechValidate is the first and only automated software platform for the creation of customer evidence content.

Our unique software allows Business to Business (B2B) vendors to unlock the 90% or more of their customer base that does not participate in traditional customer-referencing activities.

TechValidate solves the problem of extracting quantifiable operational and financial metrics from your customer base, and then instantly turning that data into usable, third party verified marketing materials. Our customers range from startups to Fortune 100 leaders.

A Trusted Authority

TechValidate acts not only as a marketing content automation platform, but also as a trusted authority for the data our platform publishes.

We have developed stringent process control and verification technology to ensure the authenticity of the data we collect.

A Different Kind of Company

We attract hyper-bright left-brain/right-brain thinkers who want to transform an industry. Our culture blends the best of enterprise discipline and consumer-web creativity. We're always on the lookout for standout team players to join us.

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