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Our software automatically creates persuasive content from your satisfied customers.

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Craig Nunes

VP of Marketing

Craig and HP use TechValidate to generate quantified metrics that put teeth into their marketing.

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Zai Divecha

Product Marketing Specialist

Zai and Box use TechValidate to empower their sales team with highly targeted content.

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Asim Zaheer


Asim and Hitachi use TechValidate to generate a bigger stockpile of customer proof.

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Dan Ortega

Senior Director, Strategic Marketing

Dan and BMC use TechValidate to make engaging, visual content.

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TechValidate is Joining SurveyMonkey

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TechValidate + SurveyMonkey

TechValidate creates a whole new way to communicate our advantages credibly to prospective customers.

Craig Nunes

Craig Nunes

VP of Marketing

TechValidate is my main tool for creating high impact, credible customer content. I’m a big fan.

Tom Vogel

Tom Vogel

Lead Solutions Marketing Manager

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